4S is a leading provider of wellness food and a proven, trusted and reliable partner for safe and effective weight loss as well as other weight management programs.

Designed by nutrition experts, our meal plans help individuals reach their individualized fitness goals. At 4S #Success Our meal service is designed to save you time and energy without removing you from the process. You can now save your time, effort and money by leaving your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans to us. Using your preferences, we not only show you information that is relevant to your fitness goals but also deliver meals by streamlining all of the preparation and nutritional decision making that goes into a successful diet.

Obesity is a complex disease, and we know that it can be caused by factors other than overeating, including eating fast food, having a hormone imbalance, certain medications, stress, or lack of a high metabolism. Our dietitians will guide you in addressing all of these areas and design a bespoke menu to suit your lifestyle and food preferences.

Everything we do has been devised to give our customers a choice, to warrant that they can happily stick to a plan that suits them and helps them reach their fitness goals, whether if it is losing 3kgs to fit into a special outfit, or losing 30% of your body weight for changing your life. We believe losing weight is not just a fad but a change in lifestyle for good. Our meal plans are specially created to support your lifestyle be it general wellness, weight management, diabetes, hypertension, sports & fitness, youngsters & adolescents, pregnancy, prenatal, post natal etc.